Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Leaves are falling all around...

Hello friends~
Here I am, halfway through my third semester of college and loving it!
I am in the preschool labs once again and I am a lead teacher! It is very very time consuming and hard, but I am learning so much and I am becoming a better teacher every day. I have already taught 3 days of preschool this semester, about to do my 4th and 5th days this week! It is a very busy week. This week I teach all 3 days of preschool. The theme is food preparation and I am taking the children on a field trip to the cafeteria to observe cooks and an environment of food preparation! It's a little scary thinking about taking them out of the classroom, but I think it will go well.
I think I will just talk through pictures because I am better at that :)
My calling is FHE mom and it is so fun! This was our first activity and we took awkward
family photos. It was hilarious. This is our boy band pose. 
Ice caves! It was awesome
This Lovely couple is now engaged! 

My room. It's huge!
I love Kendalllll

This is my preschool supervisor Christy.
She's super awesome! 

80's dance! 

We like to match. After haunted mill! 
Cameron gave me a ride on his mountain bike....

Dressed as cowgirls for ward activity
We watched halloweentown and lit candles for the magical

Sorry the pictures are all jumbled. It's hard to get them all aligned!
1. I'm missing home, and a not so freezing fall.
2. Living off-campus is awesome.
3. I super love Breaking Bad. 
4. I am dying to meet my new nephew Max. 
5. I facetime Emily and Sarah everyday and it has been so fun watching her learn how to walk! So weird seeing her act so big and grown-up! I am hoping she will still know me when I come home. 
6. I don't have plans for Halloween yet... But I'm hoping to partay. 
7. At the beginning of the semester I thought I was going to have a room to myself and I was super stoked about it, but then I ended up getting a roommate and I love her to death so I really don't mind. 
8. I went and surprised Janelle in Provo this weekend and it was the BOMB.COM I miss her so much!
9. I have not been taking as many pictures this semester. Just too busy.
10. My roommate and I jumped in puddles yesterday and it was super fun! 
11. I love writing my friends on missions! They are so inspiring and really making me think.... 

Alright. I think that's enough for today. 
Thanks for reading :)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello World~

Hi there friends. I have been wanting an outlet lately to talk about my life so I have decided to turn back to my blog!
I'm loving it here for the winter semester a whole lot. I have to be honest though It. Is. COLD. But with a good attitude, a big warm jacket, and some friends you'll be just fine :)
I would like to express my thoughts in a list. I get more done that way.

1. I have been working in the on campus preschool this semester and it has been AMAZING. What a great experience to be able to know exactly what you want to do in life so soon and have the opportunity to learn so much by just jumping into the preschool! I can not believe all of the things I have learned. I already feel like a preschool expert! I love the children I teach SO MUCH and it is a lot of work but I know I'm doing the right thing.
2. My roommates are INCREDIBLE. I love them all so much and we have really had an amazing and fun experience together. We get along really well and pretty much like to do the same things. They are such good examples and always have something good to say. Also I would like to mention that I have had my room spotless for the past 2 and a half weeks! I am very proud of myself for that.
3. I have become addicted to dancing. Hard core. Most of the time when I come home from class I spend about 15 minutes jumping around the apartment, dancing and singing to blasting music through my headphones. I think it has sorta been my release after a hard day or when I am happy. But anyway, I super love it and I think I have actually gotten a lot better. So if anyone is looking for a good time come over after class and we will dance our sorrows away!
4. Photography. I LOVE IT. I can't stop taking pictures and videos of my friends. I just keep editing and taking pictures to add to a portfolio that hopefully will help me get some jobs in the near future. I am getting better, getting to know my camera better, practicing editing a lot so hopefully that goes well! I would love a side job like that.
5. I tried to give plasma and I couldn't! It was horribly sad. The man said that the reason why I couldn't is a range of reasons falling in a spectrum between iron deficiency and cancer. Well sir, thank you for the assurance. YIKES.
6. I miss my best friends. Holy cow I am so glad we talk almost everyday. Thank goodness for iPhone group message! It is a miracle! They light up my life, and I am so lucky to have them. They always know the right things to say.
7. Prank war. Wow wow wow. Let me give you a low down of how it is happening.
Boys: Barricade door with snow
Girls: dry ice bombs in front of their apartment
Boys: 10 cans of whipped cream all in fridge
Girls: Pyramid of cups of water in front of door, along with all of our trash
Girls: Dead goldfish behind couch - made it stink really bad - they already found them
Boys: ?
Just sayin..... 812<137
8. I ate a goldfish......
9. Basketball is AWESOME!! I love my team and I am learning a lot. I just love playing and being active again. It feels really good to be out on the court. Our first playoff game is on saturday. It is single elimination so wish me luck!
10. Here are links to youtube vids of 2 semester happenings. Harlem shake, and eating goldfish. Both of these were edited by myself.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-6OTKCzCmo   - goldfish
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU6IfXru2TE   - harlem shake

Alright so this post is getting too long. I will probably write more another time but I don't want to overwhelm my 5 readers!
I miss and love my family VERY much. Especially my babies....

Here are some of my fav pics from this semester.

Rachel Marie

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Long Time No See....

Well my friends, I apologize deeply for forgetting about you. I am so crazy busy! Which is funny I say this because I'm pretty sure only like 5 people read this... but anywho... WOW. COLLEGE LIFE. I can almost officially say I have finished a semester of college. Just a week and a half left and I'm free!!!

FINALS. Oh my heck I am so scared. I will be hunkering down though and working really hard to do well on all my tests. This will be the first time I have had an actual final. Pretty much here is the bad news... Placer High School... No glimpse of the future and the tests you will see in college. Unless you took APUSH or APPsych, in which case you may somewhat understand what you are getting into. I have started keeping a really good studying schedule and a good eating habits so hopefully I will be mentally and physically prepared for what I have next week!

THANKSGIVING. Fun times at home! I love Auburn. Oh man, if I could live there my whole life I absolutely would. It is just so perfect! And now that I have lived in a different place I know that for sure! I giggle at the thought of the high schoolers saying that there is nothing to do in Auburn, and its so boring, and in the middle of no where, yadda yaddda... BULL. Try living in Rexburg!! My goodness! Auburn is like Las Vegas compared to there! I miss the river, TANGGGOOO, folsom lake, tahoe, taco tree, shenanagins, sunsets, beautiful fall trees, the canyon, slurpees, the people(of course), and all the fun things that accompany that beautiful town!

FOOD. Ya'll would be so impressed at my cooking abilities! I amaze myself! Oh and BTW I say ya'll now... blame the twins for that. I have made some beautifully delicious creations, and I have made quite  habit of eating healthy and trying to work out every week! Freshman 15 my butt... I am more healthy here then at home, not really because of the food, but mostly having a free amazing gym so close, and the motivation of trying to look good in front of your peers in the gym! I have become my own personal trainer, and I have really been pushing myself to work hard, trying to remember some of the track work-outs we had.

DANCES. So basically I have become quite the breakdancer... It is so fun! There are some really fun dancing parties locally and it is the perfect place to go crazy and show off your moves. I have learned a lot, and now I love just turning on some music and bustin' a move! .... Don't judge me....

Because I am currently in my American Foundations right now, I guess I should pay attention now... Ok GOODBYE! :)

Photoshoot with gorgeous Alice Ruby Humes

Photoshoot with gorgeous Emily and Ashley

I miss my best friends!!!!

Umm..... Mitch and Bryce just being themselves

Love these girls <3

FHE spoons game

Watching Spencers Lacrosse game
Competitive sports banquet with my girl Wendy


'Merica Party!

Christmas concert with my pal Maddie

Nerdy Neon dance

Rachel Marie

Friday, November 2, 2012

3 Nights of Halloween

Hey all,
My halloween day/weekend was AWESOME. 2 dances 3 parties and a whole lot of fun.
Actual Halloween night, I was a referee!

Risky Business we went to the Haunt dance

Basketball player night one!

I'm glad I have super tubular friends who like to do fun things. We had a lot of crazy fun and I can't wait for future weekends! Sorry I'm so short on my writings, I'll try to do better, but who wants to read long boring posts anyway!

Rachel Marie

Monday, October 29, 2012

College Life

Holy Moly this has followed my life to a T! I think I am currently in the homesickness or loss of confidence stage... sadly.... But it's true! Check this article out!


Rachel Marie

Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a White Halloween


 I love the snow!!! It is so fun! Along with the fall leaves, it makes for a beautiful scene. It's been a fun week. Only a couple dull moments. Just saying though... I watched a whole season of Once Upon a Time. It is sooo amazing!!! I love it so much.
My beautiful Robyn 

Giving Blood!

A tribute to the best guy friends in the entire world. I miss them so much!
There aint none like them

My beautiful niece Sarah, being adorable. 
I miss my best friends!!!!

Rachel Marie